Welcome to the Hellenic American Police Association (HAPA)

The Hellenic American Police Association is a not-for-profit association founded on February 24, 1993 within the Chicago Police Department, by Commander Elias Voulgaris, Retired. The HAPA exists so that our members carry on our proud Hellenic culture, customs, traditions, and continue our faith through the Greek Orthodox Church, while performing the duties and responsibilities of our noble profession. In addition, we assist both the Greek community and the Greek Orthodox Church whenever called upon. The HAPA represents 600 law enforcement officers from local, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies and departments from within our beloved United States, as well as from countries outside the United States. The only exception being New York City, as they have their own such association through the St. Paul’s Society.

The majority of our members are Chicago Police Officers. However, we have members who are Suburban Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Special Agents, Investigators, Troopers, etc., from within the United States, as far away as Alaska. Many of our members hold high ranking positions within law enforcement such as Colonel Stavros Mellekas who heads the Connecticut State Police, and Deputy Chief Chris Papaioannou of the Chicago Police Department.

Our Headquarters

Our headquarters is located at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago. Father Chrysanthos “Chris” Kerkeres serves as our Chaplain, assisted by Father Richard Andrews of the Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church of Glenview, Illinois and Father Peter Sarolas of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church. We are recognized as a not-for-profit association by the Illinois Secretary of State and as a police association by the Chicago Police Department and Cook County Sheriff’s Office. We are fraternally recognized by the Hellenic Police.

Renowned Members

We consider all our members as world renown for their sacrifices, their dedication, integrity, and values.

The Hellenic American Police Association is one of only 4 such associations; the others being the St. Paul’s Society of the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Metropolitan Police Service Greek & Cypriot Association of the London Metropolitan Police Service, and the Victorian Hellenic Police Association of the Victoria, Australia Police. We maintain brotherly contact with these fellow associations. We are pleased to announce the formation of the Hellenic American Police Association Philadelphia Police Department Chapter!